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Tokyo Warfare Turbo Skin Editor License

Tokyo Warfare Turbo is a tank simulation game that lets you customize your vehicles with unlimited decals and paint them with your desired opacity and substract the painted surfaces at your will. You can also explore a superb model of the Shibuya Crossing and take neat shots of your tanks. The game is developed by Pablo Vidaurre Sanz and was released on Steam in 2019.

The game has a downloadable content (DLC) called Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Skin Editor, which is a tool that allows you to create your own skins for the tanks in the game. You can start with the many preset decals and brushes or import your custom ones, simply place these on a directory and they'll appear in the editor. You can paint the whole tank at a time or isolate desired parts for a finely crafted skin. When done, simply frame a representative area and the skin miniature for menu is generated at the same time the skin files are exported, you need not to deal with any folder or files, the skin is immediately available for you to use it. Skin files are exported to an external folder so you can share these with other players.

Download File:

The Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Skin Editor DLC costs $3.99 on Steam. However, if you already own the original Tokyo Warfare game, you can get the DLC for free. This is because the developer wanted to reward the loyal fans who supported the game since its early stages. To get the DLC for free, you need to reboot your Steam client and check if it's added to your library. If not, you can contact the developer or Steam support for assistance.

The Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Skin Editor DLC is a great way to unleash your creativity and customize your tanks to fit your style. You can also share your skins with other players and see how they look on different maps and scenarios. The DLC is compatible with the base game Tokyo Warfare Turbo and its other expansions, such as Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Tank expansion pack and Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Nature maps expansion. If you are a fan of tank simulation games and want to have more control over your vehicles, you should definitely check out the Tokyo Warfare Turbo - Skin Editor DLC.


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