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Popular World Cup Bets Favored by Fans

The World Cup is one of the most prestigious football tournaments on the planet, loved by fans worldwide. Along with the excitement of the matches and the intense competition between teams, participating in betting at reputable bookmakers is eagerly anticipated by fans during the tournament. So, what are the most popular World Cup bets that attract the most participants today? Let's explore this topic with Win tips through the following article.

Overview of the World Cup Tournament

The World Cup is a major football tournament organized by FIFA every four years. It started in 1930 and has been held 21 times. Due to the impact of World War II, the tournament was not held in 1942 and 1946.

The World Cup features fierce competition among national teams. Initially, only 8 teams participated, but due to its growing popularity, the number of participating teams increased from 8 to 16, and most recently, 32 teams in 2022 divided into 8 groups. It is estimated that by 2026, there will be 48 teams competing.

Typically held in the summer, the tournament's timing can vary depending on the weather and the host country. For example, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was held in winter due to the extreme summer heat. The tournament generally lasts about a month and is watched by millions worldwide.

This tournament gathers most of the world's strongest teams and many talented players, making it the most influential event in global football. Consequently, the number of top 100 bookmaker and betting options during the World Cup is extremely diverse, offering bettors a unique and exciting experience.

Popular World Cup Bets

Top bookmakers worldwide participate in the World Cup with many types of bets. Bettors can choose the type of bet that suits their conditions and preferences. Here are some of the most popular World Cup bets:

European Odds (1X2)

European odds are the most popular and widely participated bet during the World Cup. This type is favored for its simplicity and high winning probability. Bettors only need to predict which team will win the match and place their bets accordingly. There are three options: Win, Draw, or Lose. The stronger team is the favorite, while the weaker team is the underdog. The payout rates vary for each option, and the bookmaker will pay the winnings based on the odds provided before the match.

Asian Handicap

One of the most exciting and popular bets is the Asian Handicap. Unlike European odds, bettors do not need to predict the match winner but rather the number of goals scored by the two teams. To balance the match, the bookmaker sets a handicap where the stronger team gives the weaker team a goal advantage. The odds are based on the performance difference between the teams. Asian Handicap offers a variety of betting options like level ball, half-goal handicap, one-goal handicap, and more, each with different payout rates. This bet type provides more opportunities to win larger rewards compared to other betting types.

Over/Under (Total Goals)

Another popular World Cup bet is Over/Under, which is based on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. The bookmaker sets a predicted total number of goals, and bettors predict whether the actual total will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than this number. This bet type has become increasingly popular due to its high winning potential and suitability for all levels of bettors.

Corner Bets

Corner bets have gained popularity due to their excitement and attractiveness. This type of bet is based on the number of corner kicks taken during a match. Bettors can predict the total number of corners, the first corner, or the last corner. Corner bets are considered a fun and engaging alternative to traditional betting types.

Card Bets

Although considered a side bet, card bets have become increasingly popular in recent World Cups. Bettors predict the number of yellow or red cards issued during a match. The bookmaker free play sets a predicted number of cards, and bettors compare their predictions to determine the outcome.

Penalty Bets

Penalty bets, although not as popular as other types, have gained attention recently. These bets are based on the total number of penalty kicks awarded during the match, either in regular time or extra time. The betting method is similar to corner and card bets, making it simple and offering a high winning rate.

These are some of the most popular World Cup bets you can explore. Each type of bet has different methods and payout rates, so it's essential to understand them thoroughly before participating. We hope that with the knowledge shared by Wintips, you will make the best betting decisions.


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