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The question, she told AVN, was, "How could we make the Interactive movie better? We focus on giving more options to the viewers. The viewer can choose my destiny [in the story] as well as his destiny with me."

Interactive tera patrick

Patrick is the veteran of several interactive projects for other companies. "It was usually just you and the camera and the standard positions. Here I got to play a role and do girl-girl with Jessica Jaymes."

Patrick said that she and Seinfeld had wanted to do their own Interactive for quite some time. Then Q. Roberts at Hustler Video told them, "I have this great idea. If I could make the perfect Interactive for Hustler, this is how I'd want to do it."

"My fans really like the [interactives] that I did, but they were dated," she said. "It's been about five, six years since I've done one. They wanted me to do one that's a current one. A lot of them have been telling me they're expecting it and they're really excited."

Wedge the firm casing between couch cushions or pillows to ride hands-free, or try out a specially designed mount that simulates sexual positions like doggie style, missionary and guy-on-top (sold separately in our Fleshlight section). The PhoneStrap can be used to Discreetly watch your favorite pornstar without having to hold or prop up your phone or tablet. Keep your phone or mini tablet handy as a "second screen" while watching TV. Video chat with your partner from a more suggestive angle that can show more than your face. You can add some accessories like the LaunchPad Device for Tablets for even more fun on the go. The Fleshlight Kiiroo Launch Bluetooth-Enabled Rechargeable Automatic Stroking Machine offers a fully automated Fleshlight experience for manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world.

InTERActive, a HUSTLER and Teravision co-production, stars Tera as a neglected mob wife who uses her spare time to have food fights with Hillary Scott, ride dildos, wash cars (naked, of course) and have girly sex with Jessica Jaymes. What Tera and the girls do at any moment is completely up to the viewer. Should Tera pour chocolate sauce or whipped cream on Hillary? Completely up to you. Feel like a BJ from Tera or something a little more active? Again, its all you. But dont get too comfortable; Teras mobster husband could walk in at any time and whack you. The best way I have described this movie to fans is that it is a fully interactive sex video that is so far advanced it is like mixing PlayStation 3 with triple-X hardcore porn and me, says Tera. Hillary Scott, 2007 AVN Performer of the Year, jumped at the chance to co-star in this high-budget release. I cant wait to see this movie when it comes out, says Hillary. I dont think theres been anything like this beforeand Im excited I was a part of it. The stunning Jessica Jaymes also raves about the film, especially its leading lady. Tera is hands down my favorite person to work with, says Jessica. She is the most professional, beautiful and sexual person I know. The InTERActive collectors DVD includes the choose-your-own-sex-adventure component, a full-length feature, five bonus scenes, behind-the-scenes bloopers, an exclusive interview with Tera Patrick, an extended photo gallery and never-before-seen footage of Teras HUSTLER Magazine shoot!

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Academy Award winner Glenn Entis, SVP and chief visual and technical officer of Electronic Arts, shocked us all with the announcement of his retirement from EA. His motto: "Every 14 years you should change your life a little bit. A career should be dynamic. And you shouldn't get too comfortable in one place!" It was just a small quantum of solace that Entis was giving a wonderful and touching keynote about his 30 years in the business. As the Co-Founder of Pacific Data Images in 1982 , Entis moved from the world of movies to games when he entered DreamWorks Interactive, where he worked on more than a dozen games, including Medal of Honor, Clive Barker's Undying, The Neverhood and Trespasser. After his company was acquired by Electronic Arts, Entis joined EA, moving to the company's headquarter in Vancouver. In his keynote, he emphasized the enormous inventions made by mankind in the fields of communication and computer science. Using a handy old telephone along with some current high-tech toys, Entis showed us the development of memory space and all the staggering amount of change in a single lifetime. But he also confessed, that he would never have entered the Pacific Data Enterprise, if he had known the amount of work that had to be achieved. "We worked all day and I remember having massive feelings of guilt, when I showed up on Sunday in the office around 10:00 in the morning, having slept in, while the others had already started working around 8:00! Impossible to keep a family at this time!" But after all the fundamental coding for the software, PDI moved on, creating the CG logos for the big broadcast companies. His personal moment of triumph came, when he was standing in New York next to all the big TV stations. Around news time on every television set in the huge windows appeared the logos of the various stations, every single one done by PDI.

After reminiscing about the past, Entis gave a few predictions about the next 30 years. Having been massively influenced by Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity is Near, Entis anticipated huge changes in everyone's daily life. Processing speed, memory, display quality and communication bandwidth will explode. Buzzwords will be portability, interactivity, artificial intelligence and costs. Speaking of his future, Entis also gave a glimpse of his future plans: His original idea is to take two years off before deciding anything; two years of reading, doing his own writing, photography, going to conferences like fmx, putting his antenna at full extension and sensitivity, talking to people, thinking about things, writing about things... but life never works that way. "I am going to be a general partner in a new venture capital fund that is starting up in Vancouver, that will have at least [allow me] to focus on digital media and games. It is way too early to announce details of that. But that will also leave me time to do some other things. I am going to be the new chairman for a local chapter at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, of which I am very excited about. My first SIGGRAPH was in 1979, but I have never had any kind of officer role in anything SIGGRAPH-related. I love the fact that it is my local chapter, because I love Vancouver and I love the computer graphics community there. It gives me a chance to actually be a very active part of that community, to help it grow and bring in some interesting input..."

Torsten Reil of NaturalMotion did an impressive presentation about euphoria, a new software also heavily used in Grand Theft Auto IV. As Reil stated, the fundamental new idea behind euphoria is that it runs parallel to the game's animation engine and is called by the game's AI whenever synthesized motion is required instead of canned animation. "With euphoria, animations are not canned but are generated on-the-fly by the CPU as the game is played." That means in terms of Grand Theft Auto IV, instead of dumb innocent bystanders behaving like mere rag dolls, you get characters behaving on their artificial intelligence behavior modules, who are acting autonomously on their own and always in different ways, never repeating themselves. This brings on remarkable effects. Those new artificial intelligence modules create interactive animation in realtime and will bring also a new career opportunity to the field of videogames: next to animators so-called behavior engineers will be needed very much in the future. "They have to be good at mathematics, must have a 'good eye' and be experts in C++."

David Hanson presented his research on robots as intelligent character media. One of his results will probably change generations of children to come, as he invented the robot Zeno as a toy for them. Zeno is equipped with artificial intelligence modules. He memorizes the voice and the face of human counterparts. Made out of "Frubber" skin material, another invention by Hanson robotics, which allows interactive, humanlike facial features, the robot is also able to talk back to the kids using the latest AI software. It will be heavily launched in 2009, the toy will be available for $300, a much more sophisticated version can be purchased from AI studies for $2,000. The panel discussion "The Blurring Line Between VFX & Animation" hosted by Eric Roth, exec director of the VES, offered a creative talk between leading authorities in this field. Jenny Fulle (Sony Pictures Imageworks), Sarto and Michael Coldewey (CEO, Trixter Prods.) talked about the difficulties in defining animation as a part of the visual effects or as a medium of its own. Films like Monster House, The Polar Express, the Spider-Man franchise or especially last year's Beowulf don't fit into any categories we have been accustomed to throughout the years. The panel, however, didn't offer any concrete solution for the problem.

Johannes Wolters studied German history and literature at the University of Cologne. He is now working as a freelance journalist for daily newspapers, film magazines and radio concentrating on animation and visual effects. In 1995, he created the International Nights and Days of Animation Cologne (INDAC), a small animation festival. He is currently transforming the festival into a network for German animation and visual effects artists and rebuilding the German ASIFA. 350c69d7ab


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