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Kitab Al Fitan Urdu Pdf Free

Kitab al Fitan: A Book of Tribulations in Urdu

Kitab al Fitan is a collection of hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad) that deal with the signs and events of the end times. The book was compiled by Naeem bin Hammad, a student of Imam Bukhari, who died in 228 AH (842 CE). The book covers various topics such as the appearance of the Antichrist (Dajjal), the return of Jesus (Isa), the emergence of the Mahdi, the wars and calamities that will precede the Day of Judgment, and the descriptions of Paradise and Hell.

The book is considered to be one of the earliest and most authentic sources on Islamic eschatology. It is also one of the most controversial and disputed books among Muslim scholars, as some of its narrations are weak, fabricated, or contradictory. Some scholars have rejected the book entirely, while others have accepted it with caution and criticism. The book has also been used by various sects and groups to support their claims and views on the end times.


The book has been translated into several languages, including Urdu, which is spoken by millions of Muslims in Pakistan, India, and other countries. The Urdu translation is available online for free download from various websites. However, readers should be aware that the translation may not be accurate or reliable, and that they should consult other sources and scholars for verification and clarification. The book is not meant to cause fear or despair, but to increase awareness and preparedness for the events that will occur before the Day of Judgment.

To download the Urdu translation of Kitab al Fitan for free, you can visit one of these links: [1], [2], or [3].


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