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Oxford Pathways Class 8 Chapter The Unexpected

Oxford Pathways Class 8 Chapter The Unexpected

The Unexpected is a short story by Saki, also known as H.H. Munro, a British writer famous for his witty and humorous stories. The story is about a young woman named Vera who surprises her aunt and uncle with an unexpected visit. Vera is bored with her life in London and decides to spend some time in the countryside with her relatives. However, she soon finds out that they have a guest, Mr. Nuttel, who is suffering from a nervous condition and needs rest and quiet. Vera decides to have some fun at his expense and tells him a fabricated story about her aunt's tragedy.


Vera tells Mr. Nuttel that her aunt's husband and two brothers went hunting one day and never returned. They were lost in a bog and their bodies were never found. She says that her aunt still thinks that they will come back someday and keeps the window open for them. She also says that Mr. Nuttel should not mention anything about the incident to her aunt, as it would upset her. Mr. Nuttel believes Vera's story and feels sorry for her aunt. He tries to make some polite conversation with her, but he is interrupted by Vera's scream. He looks out of the window and sees three men carrying guns walking towards the house. He thinks that they are the ghosts of the missing hunters and runs away in terror. Vera pretends to be surprised and tells her aunt that Mr. Nuttel was afraid of dogs, as he saw their spaniel running towards him. Her aunt is puzzled by his strange behavior and wonders what he meant by his last words: "Here they are at last!"

The story is a humorous example of how a clever and imaginative person can manipulate someone who is gullible and naive. Vera uses her storytelling skills to create a believable scenario that frightens Mr. Nuttel and makes him look foolish. She also shows her sense of humor by inventing a plausible explanation for his departure. The story also explores the themes of boredom, deception, irony, and surprise. The title of the story is apt, as it reflects the unexpected twist at the end, as well as the unexpected visit of Vera.

The story is part of the Oxford Pathways Class 8 English Course Book, which is designed to help students develop their language skills and enjoy reading literature. The course book covers various genres of texts, such as stories, poems, plays, essays, speeches, and biographies. It also provides exercises and activities to enhance vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The course book is based on the Oxford syllabus and follows the CBSE guidelines.


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